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Thai-Nichi Industries feel
quality is essential

- SINCE 1991 -

The heritage of rice cracker expert starts here. We are the well known producer of rice crackers in
International Market since 1991. Thai-Nichi Industries was found by the joint venture between Thai and Japanese.
Our factory is located in the Northern Region Industrial Estate Lamphun, Thailand,
surroundings with high quality of rice sources.

Rice Balance Rice & Beans Chips Sea Salt

Mizuho Cheese Ring

Mizuho Norimaki Cheese Ring

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We have experience and expertise in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and private label production for more than 25 years. With perfect quality control following the standard of HACCP and GMP ,we ensure that our product can meet the customer requirement.

All rights reserved by Thai-Nichi Industries Co., Ltd,

Address: Northern Region Industrial Estate
77 Moo 13 Tambol Makuha-Jae Amphur Muang, Lamphun 51000 Thailand
Telephone: +66 53 581 222-3
Facsimile: +66 53 552 500
Email: marketing@

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